How to Charge an ipod with fruits.

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Charing ipod/iphone for free. We apologize for the Music ” Owl City” it wont happen again.

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24 Responses to “How to Charge an ipod with fruits.”

  1. bisk1407 Says:

    fake and gay

  2. TheChazzmander Says:

    haha it’s on a pool table

  3. MeGustaSwag Says:

    How would you clean the end of the USB cable?

  4. MeGustaSwag Says:

    Anyone else notice that the fruit arrangements look like an angry face?

  5. CURTiSx691 Says:

    cool, i’ll remember to take fruits, nails n tie wires evrywhere i go.. just in case my actual charger breaks

  6. noelsowmiya Says:

    luv u and ur ipad charger ….cool

  7. hannah700ful Says:


  8. MaxReckless99 Says:

    @dodo2000107 we apologizing for you guys, for putting up with this music.. mistake we made, we regret it.

  9. dodo2000107 Says:

    “We apologize for the Music ” Owl City” it wont happen again.” Are you apologizing to Owl City for using their music or to us for using that shit?

  10. christyorr2 Says:

    yeah and guess what … your cable is now broke …. yay !! :L

  11. WarMachineProducts10 Says:

    sure charging you ipod with fruit many times taking tthe cord out of the fruit and using it again probably never

  12. masterface11 Says:

    retarded level : impossibru

  13. anbooster Says:

    I still prefer to plug it, but good effort :(

  14. MrRghoorah Says:

    hey man when u get discharge just try it with u it will work i.m sure !!!!!

  15. psychoVivi Says:

    Oh he forgot something to mention: You’ll need 2 iPod cables, and the one you plug into the iPod needs to be plugged into a socket. The one you plug into the banana just needs to go off the screen… Thats it…

  16. jay8887sd Says:

    galing naman/

  17. stones151 Says:


  18. 43varun Says:


  19. freddy3810132 Says:


  20. MrCrackerjack121 Says:

    why does the cable go off screen

  21. ilipao13 Says:

    How much charge can you actually get from this little experiment

  22. ilipao13 Says:

    @shanaz091 or AC adapter

  23. ilipao13 Says:

    @SmokinA55 or maybe to make sure if the theory is true you should try it yourself :) I know I will

  24. adjee31 Says:


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